Dawn Entertainment was founded by Thomas Brunet and Nathan Jenkins with a focus on providing in-venue technology solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industry.

The first product launched was Dawn, a contactless booking and ordering platform for entertainment venues (arenas, stadiums, theaters, nightclubs, pools, bars…).

Most recently, Myicebreak is increasing interactions and connectivity in meetups, conferences, and networking events.

nathan jenkins

Before co-founding Dawn Entertainment, Thomas founded 1oak Investments (former member of Alternative Trading Partners), a boutique investment firm based in Las Vegas since 2013 and catering to the gaming and entertainment industry. In that capacity, Thomas has facilitated the sale of a major gaming company and led financing rounds for multiple gaming and hospitality technology start-ups, as well as a production show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Before that, Thomas was a senior member of the Foreign Exchange (FX) Structuring group at BNP Paribas in London. He priced and traded complex financial structures, providing FX solutions to large corporations and institutional clients. Prior to joining the FX Structuring group, Thomas spent 5 years designing systematic trading strategies in the Quantitative Strategy Group at Deutsche Bank in New York. Bringing years of expertise from both the trading side and the investment management side of the financial markets, Thomas also has a Master in Financial Engineering from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and a Master in Electrical Engineering from CPE Lyon, France.

nathan jenkins

Before co-founding Dawn Entertainment, Nate was the co-founder and CTO of Authorea, an open research publishing platform for articles, data, and figures catering primarily to academics and R&D groups. In that capacity, Nate designed and developed the beta release independently, which led to an initial seed round of $610K led by ff Venture Capital and the New York Angels in 2014. Leading a development team for the next two years saw many improvements to the platform which enabled Authorea to secure a larger, $1.6 million fundraising effort in 2016, led by Lux Capital and followed by the Knight Foundation and Bloomberg Beta (among others). Authorea was acquired by Atypon in 2018.

Prior to entering the entrepreneurial world, Nate was a condensed matter physicist who did his Phd work at the University of Geneva and then went on to a postdoctoral position at New York University in the Soft Matter Physics department studying protein unfolding. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley and currently resides with his wife and the world's greatest dog in Geneva.


Dawn is a contactless platform for the entertainment industry. Book, invite, order and pay directly from your phone.
Myicebreak is an icebreaker app to make meetups less awkward.